Get to know Fee Langstone: James Cochrane


“Have you worked overseas?” 

I haven't worked overseas (yet). I started my career in insolvency in 2006 around the time of the Global Financial Crisis and was flat out here. At the same time friends overseas were losing their jobs, so I decided it was best to stay put.

“What do you think sets FL apart from other firms?”

The quality and standard of work is excellent and at the same time the firm has a very friendly, relaxed and inclusive culture. 

“If you weren’t a lawyer what do you think you would be doing?”

Some have suggested that I would make a good Tony Robbins impersonator... so, possibly a career in motivational speaking?

“Why did you decide to work in the insurance industry?”

There were a number of reasons why I joined the firm in 2013. I had worked on a couple of insurance cases at a previous firm and enjoyed the work. I also thought that a specialty in insurance would complement my insolvency specialty - which it does, particularly in the area of directors claims (D&O). I had also heard lots of good things about the firm from colleagues I trusted.

“If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be?”

I do a pretty good silverback gorilla impression...