Get to know Fee Langstone: Lena Saad

How long have you been with Fee Langstone/Jones Fee?

I started at Fee Langstone in 2013 (when it was Jones Fee) as a law clerk after finishing my law and arts degrees at the University of Auckland. Now I’m in my fifth year of practice - how time flies.

If you weren’t practising law, what do you think you’d be doing?

That’s an interesting question as I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was seven years old (a bit tragic but true). If I wasn’t lawyering, I would be an art historian or curator travelling through Europe and the Middle East or working with children with learning needs, or a combination of both. My Danish and Lebanese heritage has influenced my interest in art and design. One of my part-time jobs at uni involved assisting children with autism, Aspergers and other learning needs. That piqued my interest in getting involved in that area and when time permits I volunteer at community events for people with specific learning needs.

You’re on secondment to NZI/IAG at the moment. How’s it going so far?

So far, so good – I am fifth week in and loving being part of the NZI Liability Claims team. It has been an excellent opportunity to come on board as Liability Claims Counsel and work with a wonderful team who are so knowledgeable.  I’ve always been intrigued about how claims are handled within insurance organisations and what happens before files arrive on our desks at Fee Langstone. I’m learning lots and I’m really enjoying this new challenge.

You’re involved with NZLS Auckland Young Lawyers and involved with Young Insurance Professionals Australia & New Zealand - what do you do for YIPs?

Yes, I’ve been on the NZLS Auckland Young Lawyers Committee for two years. I am also a YIPs committee member for the Auckland branch, as well as being the YIPs Communications Officer for NZ. Wearing both of those hats, I liaise with sponsors, and help organise some of the educational, networking and professional development events each year. As YIPs is a non-profit organisation, all of our events are entirely sponsorship-based thanks to our awesome industry affiliates and sponsors who identify with the YIPs objective of supporting young people in insurance (NB: young also includes young at heart). YIPs has many exciting events planned for 2017 – watch this space!

What’s your favourite music? What’s your go-to karaoke song?

My music taste can be described as eclectic with favourites ranging from 70s and 80s classics through to the cheesy nineties and 2000s. That said I’m off to the Shapeshifter gig this week and the Adele concert next month. All in all a mix tape. I’d like to think my enthusiasm for music compensates for my deficiency in musical ability. Despite being somewhat off key, I do enjoy a karaoke session. Karma Chameleon by Culture Club or something by the Spice Girls are up there as some karaoke goodies.

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